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Classic 80's Electro

It would  be a bold statement to say this is the most authentic 80's Electro sample pack created in human history but that was the declaration of  a Mootant Minion after playing around with the pack of five kits. Perhaps it's the real TR808 pitch sampled drums?  Yes, the Mootant does go the extra 10 miles sampling an 808 via a Roland S770 sampler, pitching the sounds up an octave, re sampling and re-recording at original pitch. Its a subtle effect, but why not. Maybe it's something to do with sampling the same hardware used in producing records of the era such as a Yamaha TX81Z, Prophet one, a Sequential TOM, an Arp Odyssey all processed subtly through analog Eq's, compressors, spring reverb and filters. It would be so much easier to load up some VST's and fake it, but that's not the Mootant credo. Integrity, authenticity and honor is how one walks toward the light.

Electro Shock is a five kit pack of truly authentic classic 80's Electro. Seriously power packed for instant creativity. Mootant kits are ideal if you use a drum pad controller but equal joy can be achieved with the samples mapped to your keyboard. What you hear on the audio demo is what you get and to get you started the same midi  file used in the audio demos is included. But of course the point is for you to hit those pads and keys creating your own patterns.  You will soon discover each kits sounds are made for each other and the creative possibilities endless. The one shots are self explanatory but don't be shy to change the starting points of the loops or convert them to fragments for one shot playability.

Included in the pack

5 Kits
62 One Shots
18 Loops
6 Midi Files