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House Of Moo is presented as a five kit pack of Deep, Techy, Melodic, Moody, and eclectic samples for use across the House and EDM spectrum. Leaning on decades of producing experience the Mootant worked late at night crafting and cultivating a brood of one shots and loops steeped in quality and character. Avoiding all generic VST pathways the pack was created using a collection of analog and digital boxes such as Analog Four, Analog Rythm, Arp Odyssey, Deep Mind, Prophet one, Ensoniq DP4, Symetrix, Drawmer and Summit EQ's & compressors. Like all Mootant packs the results are a small but powerful bunch of loop & one shot Drums, Bass, Synth, Vocal and Chord Hits. House Of Moo is a must have pack for discerning House and EDM producers who understand the value of samples created with dedication to high quality sound and content.

House Of Moo is a five kit pack of carefully crafted authentic sounds. Small in size but seriously power packed for instant inspiration & creativity. Mootant kits are ideal if you use a drum pad controller but equal joy can be achieved with the samples mapped to your keyboard. What you hear on the audio demo is what you get and to help you get started the same midi file used in the audio demos is included. But of course the point is for you to hit those pads and keys creating your own patterns. You will soon discover each kits sounds are made for each other and the creative possibilities when using Mootants mini packs are addictive and endless. The one shots are self explanatory but don't be shy to change the starting points of the loops or convert them to fragments for one shot playability.

Included in the pack

5 Kits
57 One Shots
23 Loops
5 Midi Files