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In his lab working through the midnight hours over many nights the Mootant cultivated and forged a collection of authentic Techno Loops and one-shots destined for the hard drives of legions of Techno & Tech House producers. There are a number of reasons you might want to own this sample pack. Maybe its Mootant's 25 years of engineering and production experience. Maybe its the selection of hardware Synths and effects sampled and processed by Mootant hands.  It could be you listened to the pack demo and instantly heard the authenticity and quality of the sounds. Whatever your motivation Renegade is a must-have sample pack for Techno & Tech House producers of all styles.

Renegade is presented as a compact 352mb sample pack for Techno and Tech House producers of all styles. Consisting of hundreds of one-shots and two bar loops, Renegade reveals a treasure chest of all the types of sounds you need for your next masterpiece. Everything is there, from drum, synth, and bass one-shots to a large selection of two bar Drum, Bass, Synth, Tops, and Percussion loops. Throw the one shots into your Samplers and Drum Machines. Use the loops in your Daw and move those start points around re-inventing the originals. Above all have fun and may the Mootant's samples aid you in your musical journey.

  • 38 Bass Loops

  • 20 Full Drum Loops

  • 24 Kick Loops

  • 76 Melodic Loops

  • 20 Percussion Loops

  • 15 Sub Bass Loops

  • 31 Top Loops

  • 13 Clap One Shots

  • 13 Snare One Shots

  • 30 Hats & Cymbals

  • 56 Kick Drum One Shots

  • 16 Percussion One Shots

  • 36 Bass One Shots

  • 19 Chord One Shots

  • 15 Delayed One Shots

  • 07 FX One Shots

  • 19 Synth One Shots