Midnight Manouvre Maschine 1000X512.jpg


If you happen to be a Tech House + House producer whether a seasoned veteran or a relative newcomer Midnight Manoeuvre is a must-have for you. Midnight Manoeuvre for Maschine includes 10 superbly constructed & highly authentic starter kits in the Tech House mould demonstrating not only the authenticity of the sounds but is also a lesson in how to use sample packs effectively. Utilizing the samples, creating authentic midi patterns and adding copious amounts of Maschine's vibey plugins the sound you will experience is pure Tech House Gold. A simple folder structure allows you to quickly swap kit sounds and turn any of the presets into your own unique groove in minutes. Dig deeper and edit the kits sequences and array of effects you will enjoy the continuity of a custom sample pack for Maschine designed around a specific genre.

Tech House has demonstrated amazing endurance, longevity and desirability among producers and DJ's and has consistently sold in volume without faltering through all the changes of Electronic Dance music for nearly three decades. It can seem Tech House doesn't quite receive the recognition it rightly deserves but the proof is there because decades after its inception it was Beatports NO1 selling genre.

 'Midnight Manoeuvre - Tech House Specials' is presented as a compact 314MB sample pack for Tech House & House producers. A collection of carefully crafted one-shots and loops, Midnight Manoeuvre will be your Tech House building block archive. Everything is there, from drum, synth, and bass one-shots to a selection of Drum, Bass, Synth, Top, and Percussion loops. Throw the one shots into your Samplers and Drum Machines. Use the loops in your Daw and move those start points around re-inventing the originals.



  • 10 Maschine Kits

  • 22 Kicks

  • 21 Claps

  • 24 Closed Hats

  • 12 Open Hats

  • 20 Snares

  • 20 Bass Loops

  • 10 Percussion Hits

  • 20 Synth Hits

  • 28 Chord Hits

  • 30 Bass Loops

  • 20 Drum Loops

  • 20 FX Loops

  • 20 Synth Loops

  • 20 Top Loops

  • 26 Vocal Loops