Mootant's debut release from Chris Cowie fulfils the plan of a samples label first, then a record label. Mootants sound leans heavily toward Tech House and gives the nod to the techier side of Deep House and Melodic Techno. The brand will be the vehicle for most of Cowie's releases but not limited to, and there are plans to bring in the talents of other artists.  All record releases will be accompanied by custom-created videos promoted on Mootants Social media, including its Youtube channel.


Mootant has also embraced the NFT space and currently creating and selling NFT. There are plans to develop  Mootant NFT's as unique one-off remixes and label artwork collectors cards.

Producing music for over two decades culminating in over 200 hundred commercial releases Chris Cowie is also responsible for 90% of the releases on seminal and influential  Bellboy Records and Hook Recordings in the '90s and 2000s. The Bellboy and Hook sound was considered pioneering in the Tech House and Trance genres. They were widely respected and often imitated, but the imitators lacked Cowie's signature sound weaving through most of the brand's output. His brand of Tech House, incorporating Techno and Deep House elements played by most premier DJ's of the era, also caught the ear of Legendary BBC Radio One DJ John Peel. Many consider it an honour if Peel played one of your records; he played many of Cowie's.

Whilst Bellboy was blowing up dance floors across the globe, so was its sibling, Hook. Its sound was a staple of the worlds top club and radio DJ's of the Trance genre, but again due to the Cowie twist, releases could just as easily be found in the record boxes of Progressive and Tech House DJ's.  Hook could even be credited with helping fuel California's 1997 fledgeling Trance scene.  Hook found a fan base in LA via epic dance floor supremo 'Neuro' from X Cabs, one of Cowie's many aliases. This led to collaborating with LA DJ Christopher Lawrence, establishing the label's influence on the early Californian EDM scene.